After our services have been completed, whether it be your automobile, motorcycle or marine vessel, we are sure you will be amazed with the transformation that has occurred. This is now the perfect time to take some high resolution, professional photos. This is especially useful for when it comes time for sale, or even just to have some for the collection. 

Photography Packages

Please view our T.O.S (extras page) & prices are subject to change in extraordinary circumstances

Terms Of Service

General working terms

For work to be completed we require from the customer the following; water and power access and off street parking.

Personal property 

We do not take responsibility for items left inside vehicles, any personal belongings must be removed before work commences. We also do not take responsibility for loss or damages to personal belongings. 


Damage may be covered by unclean surfaces, we take sole discretion over determining the liability of damage/s customers may claim to have appeared during our work. We can not be held liable for damage as a result of work performed to surrounding areas such as contamination or water spray. 


We currently accept cash, visa, MasterCard, cheques and direct despoist. A form of payment must be made before we leave the area where work has been performed. Customers must inspect and be satisfied with work prior to our workers leaving, as a call back fee may be charged. 

We reserve the right to create additions, modifications or removals of pricing, services or terms without notice.