About Us


Our Knowledge

Our team aims to provide high end detailing services for the Sydney area, we have selected only the best products, equipment and refined our processes to guarantee quality results. We can provide you with solutions for automobiles, marine vessels and motorcycles. Our experience and talent is second to none, with each job treated equally as important.



We are a mobile operating detailing business, which means we come to you (Sydney Metropolitan area). We are currently developing our space located in the inner Sydney area.  Through years of trial and error, as well as continuing development and learning, the team here at CDS goes the extra step in order to provide the best for our customers.


We understand your passion

A booking with us is a booking with a team that shares your love of all things on the road and water. We have great pride in sharing our secrets and skills through our work. We can provide you with unique solutions to meet your needs, you can be assured we will meet your expectations.